People say curiosity killed the cat. I say curiosity allows you to explore, learn, understand and experience everything the world has to offer.

But if curiosity is a quality, when it comes to choosing a job it can easily become a flaw. We are asked from a very young age (way too young!) to choose a path and get a job. That’s what being a grown up is supposed to mean (or so we’re told).

But what happens when you’re too curious to settle on only one path?

Your parents start secretly (or not so secretly) worrying about you (will she ever find HER thing?).

You see your friends getting settled into their lives, getting promotions, starting families, buying a house or an apartment while you keep wandering and wondering, still looking for your ONE true calling. You secretly think that at your age, you should have it all figured out.

You think life would be easier if only you had found THE thing you were born to do. And you secretly hate your friend who has known since kindergarten what she wanted to be when she’d grow up.

Or maybe you do love your job but there is still this longing for something more and these recurring question popping up into your head :  what if you could change your life and do something else entirely?

I know all this because I’ve been there!

photoMy name is Camille Jeanmonod, I’m a thirty-something living in Paris France.

When growing up my main goal was to fit in because I knew one way or another I was standing out. I was a mixed-race adoptee growing up in a mostly white suburban area. I was younger than others because I had skipped a year. So when having to choose what to do with my life, although I had many interests, I did what I thought society expected of me: choose only one thing and stick to it.

I wanted to blend in. I wanted to conform. I wanted to be accepted and belong. And I thought this meant changing who I was, trying to fit into boxes that felt too small. But the truth of the matter is I couldn’t. I never could. I didn’t fit into the boxes no matter how much I wanted to.

Luckily my parents never forced me into a life they had chosen for me or asked me to settle too quickly. So after high school, I spent 6 years exploring : dance, communications, TV production, Political sciences, journalism, civic service… I loved it all.

But then I was about to turn 25, and I started thinking I had to find a real job and settle. And so I did. I found a job… and quit 18 months later. And again in another field. Each time after only a few months I became restless and started searching for my one true calling. What was wrong with me? In hindsight, nothing. But at the time I felt like a failure. Everyone else around me seemed to have found their thing. Why couldn’t I?

Creating my multipassionate life…

Then I read Barbara Sher’s book Refuse to Choose and Margaret Lobenstine’s Renaissance Souls. I had found home. I was what they called a scanner or a renaissance soul. I had to find my own way to live this multipassionate identity and maybe I could later help others make their own career and life choices. So I decided to go back to school and study psychology.

I became self-employed without planning it. I started freelancing for my first employer and then was offered the opportunity to gain experience in my new field as a freelancer. It was the perfect way for me to make a living while studying… But I still thought that as soon as I got my diploma I would find a full-time job. In fact, I was still hoping I had found my calling… until a few months before graduation.

A too well-known feeling came back. I started wondering… “What if I don’t really want to be a psychologist?” The fear crept in… until I realized I didn’t have to do only one thing. Having multiple income streams had worked for me for the past few years and to be honest, I had never been happier with my career.

So I thought “Ok, who else is doing that? How does it work?” I needed the inspiration, so I researched, learned there were many ways to lead a multipassionate life. I knew I wanted to create my own thing but didn’t really know what and if I was allowed to do it. So I started small sharing their stories on this blog… and now I’m kicking it up a notch.

… and helping you create yours!

The past few years I’ve been doing career counseling. And I soon realized the clients I love working with the most are (of course!) multipassionate. They may not have wandered as much as I did, but they definitely want to follow their curiosity, break down the barriers and forge their own path. And I started thinking I could start doing my own thing.

I experimented with a few guinea pigs. I loved it but I didn’t dare start my own business. I kept saying I would put my coaching offer online but I was scared and didn’t do it. Until now!

Today I’m incorporating all my tools into coaching programs that can really help you craft (or recraft) your own multipassionate life. Because let’s be honest, the traditional career counseling approach and tools are limiting for people like us. We don’t necessarily want to do only one thing and I really don’t care about helping you find another job based on the skills you already have. So I started searching for different ways to help you, discovered some tools and techniques, tweaked them to make them my own.

So while I got my license in occupational health psychology, I also got my MBTI certification and studied coaching with several teachers and approaches. I am also a licensed Profiting from your Passions Coach.

If you want to learn more about my coaching programs, it’s this way.

And you can still head back to the blog and find some inspiration about living a passionately curious life.

Talk to you soon!

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