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If you  have too many interests to choose only one (high probability here, if not you wouldn’t  be reading this blog!), you might feel stuck in your current job. So I have one solution for you.

Slasher / Slashie / Portfolio career / multiple careers, all those terms can be used to talk about people who hold at least two jobs at the same time. Slasher was a term coined by journalist/author Marci Alboher in her book One person/Multiple Careers. And there are many ways to be one from the classical author/speaker/coach to the more original rabbi/humorist or cop/personal trainer (true stories).

People have had portfolio careers for many years I can hear you say so this is hardly a new trend. But the main difference is people used to do this mainly out of necessity because their job could not provide enough income to support them. It would be the case for example of actors who were working in the restaurant industry waiting for their big break. Or a  brand new psychologist who can’t find a full time job in the area he’s interested in.

So the main difference is now people are slashing because they want to, because it allows them to indulge in both or several of their interests. This is why it is a great option for people who have too many interests to choose only one.

This trend is getting more and more common among the younger generation (Gen Y or millennials) who don’t want to settle and be defined by one job, but they’re not the only ones. It is a great way to have a different form of security since you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. If one gig doesn’t pan out, the others can take over, or you can add another one.

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What do you think?


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