Freelancer, Entrepreneur, artist: Do you Cohome?

First of all I would like to wish you the best year ever, full of great new projects, great moments with the people you love and a lot of fun and discovery.     I also wanted to thank you all for following this blooming blog and hope you’ll keep reading it because 2016 will

Let someday be today

We’ve been told a million times that life is short and we should live each moment to the fullest. It’s been said so many times we don’t really listen to this message anymore. But there are days that remind you that things can change in a few seconds and maybe you should listen to this

Green School Bali

Now that I’m a parent and my kid will have to go to school next year, I’m thinking about his future. How will he grow up? Will he be happy? Will he be bullied? Will he be bored? And after watching these really inspiring talks by Sir Ken Robinson (this one and this one) and Logan Laplante, I asked

Ticket for Change: become a social entrepreneur

We’ve read it many times, Gen Y is the generation that wants more than a work. As a result a lot of them are interested in social entrepreneurship. What are we talking about? Social entrepreneurs combine profit and social or environmental impact. The problem is that beyond the fact they want to change the world,

Yvon Chouinard: rock climber / environmentalist / businessman

While looking for ideas about people or projects to talk to you about, I picked up a book on my shelves bought many years ago. I started reading it and simply had to share this with you. How am I supposed to start describing Yvon Chouinard ? Should I start with the fact that he is

Restaurant + Deaf community = Signs

When I was a kid a friend asked me : “If you could have one superpower, what would it be ?” I think he expected me to say something like flying or being invisible… but I thought about it for a few seconds and answered : “I would like to be able to talk every possible language