Get creative in finding your calling(s)

Today is one of those days when I think Internet is the greatest thing ever invented. Not only can you find anything you’re looking for, but you can also meet some great people. Derek Walker is one of them. I met him on Twitter after launching this blog. He has a weekly podcast called the Weekly

Taming the dog: calming your inner critic

I told you the other day about the power other people can have over us and how important it can be to shut out the noise and listen to your own voice. I also told you about the importance of building a support system, surrounding yourself with the right people to help you go after what you want,

Surround yourself with the right people

Nothing is more important than to be surrounded by the right people. Whether you already are leading a life that lets you embrace your multiple interests , are thinking about doing it or somewhere in between, you’ll need them to move forward. If you are at the early stages, wondering what you can do to implement more

Too many projects?

It is a recurring subject for me, but also for most people who have a lot of projects going at once (no matter if they are earning any money). What do you do when you feel like you’re stretched too thin or feel overwhelmed? The difficult part for me is to choose and stop believing

Shut out the noise and listen to your own voice

In our busy lives it is always difficult to shut out the outside noise to be able to hear our own voice. There is a point to taking a step back on your own projects for a few weeks. It really helps you figure out what it is you really want. During the last two weeks

Finding your way

The truth about finding your way , I mean the lifestyle that fits you and only you, at this moment (not in 10 years) is a matter of trial and error. My clients tell me that what bothers them is that they know what they don’t want but not what they want to do with