It’s all about mindset

This week I didn’t write a blog post directly for you, I’ll admit it. I’ve been asked by my friend Louise Watson, author and blogger to write for her blog. During my last holidays I read a fascinating book called Mindset (2006) by Carol Dweck. She is a psychologist and pioneering researcher in the field of motivation, why people

Sam Dunn: heavy metal anthropologist

Heavy metal… two words that will most probably make you yell. Either of joy because you are a metal fan, or of horror because you don’t understand how people can call this music! So please if you’re part of this second category, keep reading, because this story is really great. And I’ll admit it, for a long

Clint Smith : Teacher / poet / activist

More often than not, when I look for people who might fit in what I want to share with you here, I stumble upon middle-aged people who after a first career decided to change and started building a portfolio career over time. The person I’m presenting to you today is not middle aged, he is only