Sam Dunn: heavy metal anthropologist

Heavy metal… two words that will most probably make you yell. Either of joy because you are a metal fan, or of horror because you don’t understand how people can call this music! So please if you’re part of this second category, keep reading, because this story is really great. And I’ll admit it, for a long

O in motion

When I discovered Ticket for Change (I told you about this project here) I also discovered O in Motion. This project is as multi-faceted as their founders, Ucka Ludovic Ulolo and Anna Ivacheff that refer to themselves as business choreographers. So what is a business choreographer I can hear you ask. It’s a collective intelligence and change management facilitator. Via

Ticket for Change: become a social entrepreneur

We’ve read it many times, Gen Y is the generation that wants more than a work. As a result a lot of them are interested in social entrepreneurship. What are we talking about? Social entrepreneurs combine profit and social or environmental impact. The problem is that beyond the fact they want to change the world,

Brian May: Rockstar and much more

We all have listened to their tunes, Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the champions and We will rock you (to mention only the most famous titles). But what do you really know about the persons behind the group Queen? I’ll admit it, I didn’t know anything. Of course  playing in one of the most famous Rock groups

Interview with The Weekly Creative’s Derek Walker

When I first created this blog, I started sharing stories about projects and people with a multi-faceted life. And this led me to meet really interesting people who also lead a multi-faceted life and I thought it would be great to share their stories with you. You might remember a few weeks back, when I told

The power of cartoons

In the light of the recent Paris attacks, it is important to remember the power of cartoons. Cartoons usually can make people laugh. And if they’re good enough, they can make people think. Patrick Chapatte shows in this 2010 TED video that used in a specific context they can do both and even more. You can see more