Free to be and do what I want

A trip down memory lane… When growing up my main goal was to fit in. I wanted to blend in and be like everyone else because I knew one way or another I was standing out. I was a mixed race adoptee growing up in a mostly white suburban area. I was younger than others at

Let someday be today

We’ve been told a million times that life is short and we should live each moment to the fullest. It’s been said so many times we don’t really listen to this message anymore. But there are days that remind you that things can change in a few seconds and maybe you should listen to this

Who do you think you are ?

It was February in Hanoi, in this bustling southeast asian city where modernity meets tradition and there are more scooters and motorbikes than cars and traffic is a nightmare. We were nearing the end of our trip around Vietnam. My partner and I only had 24 hours to discover this city. We wanted to avoid spending time

It’s time for some fun!

Today is Saturday and I’ve decided it was time to have some fun. Actually this is not exactly how this happened. It is Saturday and I haven’t published anything on the blog yet. I thought long and hard all week about what I wanted to share with you guys, and inspiration never really came. And this morning I

Happy New Year!

Now’s the time for wishes and good resolutions, so I wish you all the best for this new year. I’m not really the kind of people to make too ambitious good resolutions since I don’t really believe it is a good thing to overcommit to something only to abandon it a few weeks later (that’s the kind of