This blog post has been written during the #YourTurnChallenge Day#7


So today is sunday, the week is over and so is the Your Turn Challenge.

I’m really glad I accepted the challenge. First, because it made me realise I had something to say. As a brand new blogger, it has been difficult for me to share my thoughts. I can easily share things I’ve learned or found online, write up a post about an amazing person or project, but sharing my own thoughts proved difficult. So yes, the challenge was challenging, but I learned a lot, and am starting to find my own voice.

Also, because I take on so many projects, I have this tendency to focus on the ones I’m either more interested in at the moment or the ones who need immediate attention. But this often leaves me feeling like I’m reacting and not acting. And this can be, let’s say, not really satisfying. Accepting challenges and proving myself I can do it, is one way to boost confidence and to keep me motivated to organize my time more efficiently.

And now what? 

Let’s be honest, I won’t keep on blogging every single day. I have too many projects going on to find the time. But even if I did, I’m pretty sure I would not because it would turn this into a chore. I’m bored easily remember, I need variety. So if I overcommit to any one project, it only raises the chances of me giving it up altogether. But if I keep a manageable rythm that might be a bit challenging but suits me, this won’t happen. Moreover, knowing that you are reading this blog is enough motivation. And I’m having a lot of fun too.

I’m getting great feedback about this blog so I’m more than happy to keep sharing. What the challenge changed is that you will not only get inspiring stories about multi-faceted people or projects. You will get more of my own thoughts on the matter of leading a multi-faceted life and maybe some advice.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

  1. Love reading your blogs Camille! Well done on doing the 7 day challenge, your blogs really resonated with me, I’m accepting my multi faceted life and learning to embrace it!

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