First of all I would like to wish you the best year ever, full of great new projects, great moments with the people you love and a lot of fun and discovery.


2016 EN


I also wanted to thank you all for following this blooming blog and hope you’ll keep reading it because 2016 will be great!

So back to business, I’ll start this year with a translation of a post I wrote before the holidays. Hoping you’ll like it.


Ever since I decided to become a solopreneur I’ve been working from home. This has many obvious advantages. It doesn’t cost me anything, I can organize my time the way I want. And I simply have to drop my son to school and come back  home to work with a good cup of tea. Ideal, isn’t it?

The problem appears when things are slowing down in my business, when I could be working on important tasks to bring it forward or launch new projects I more often than not end up at 3 pm having done nothing, too busy cleaning the house (… well maybe not ! 😉 ) or if I’m more honest, watching TV shows or lost on social media.

What could I then do to be more productive ? Go to a coworking space ? Honestly this is too expensive for me, even if I’ve been in one for a few months and it was really nice. In a coffee shop? This can quickly add up too, and you’re never safe from lousy background music, a really noisy neighbor (or a group of 15 coming to sit at the next table!) and as far as having conversations with other people, except for the waiter or waitress… this has its limits.

My solution ? Cohome !

LogoA few months ago I met Laura Choisy, freelance and entrepreneur. With Céline Martinet Sanchez, she cofounded Cohome. And I find this concept simply amazing!

To cohome is simply coworking from home. You can choose to cohome at your own place, inviting people to come work with you in your living room or you can go to their place. As a result, less loneliness and the possibility to meet new people for almost nothing (hosts are not paid, they are only given a small amount to cover their costs, (about 5 euros). I personally love this concept. It is great way to fight loneliness and network in a small and cosy environment.

Today Cohome is a really active Facebook group of about a hundred people in many cities in France inviting each other to share their day. It also is regular Meetups for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Tomorrow it will be an online platform allowing anyone to really quickly and simply book a cohome session.


Who are the superwomen who had this beautiful idea?

The project was born in Céline’s mind. When she met Laura, also a freelance, they realised they both were suffering from loneliness and simply invented the service they needed.


Laura Choisy is a freelancer. With Dear Humans she is putting her years of experience in web and digital communications to the service of non profit organisations. Her leitmotiv : bring big ideas to life on a budget.

celine-martinet-sanchez-1c922b2fCéline, is a developer, trainer and entrepreneur. She used to work in digital communications, marketing and e-learning. She decided to learn coding a few years back to get better at her job and to find a new form of creation. She loved it so much it now became her main activity. She masters HTML / CSS / JS, Ruby on Rails and Wordpress. She teaches in coding schools and offers e learning courses for entrepreneurs. Curious explorer, she is also an amateur photographer, directed short films and did many other things.

This great team has created a united community of passionate freelancers and solopreneurs  I’m proud to be part of.

2016 will be the year of Cohoming

In addition to the website launch (for now we only are a couple of lucky  betatesters to enjoy it), to kick off this new year, Cohome organizes the first coworking from home festival from January 18 to January 22.

The concept : 5 cohomers (including yours truly!) will welcome you in their homes to cohome for a whole day and will offer a 1 hour workshop to boost your freelance activity in 2016. I will invite my guests to think about new income streams they could create to diversify or create a portfolio career. All info on this great festival (in French) are here.

Affiche festival

So will you become a cohomer?

To learn more:



Céline’s business website

Laura’s business website

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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