When I discovered Ticket for Change (I told you about this project here) I also discovered O in Motion. This project is as multi-faceted as their founders, Ucka Ludovic Ulolo and Anna Ivacheff that refer to themselves as business choreographers.

So what is a business choreographer I can hear you ask. It’s a collective intelligence and change management facilitator. Via O in Motion that they created in 2009, Ucka and Anna help people include the moving body and its dynamic to think differently. “By moving and connecting body and mind you can facilitate learning, engagement, action taking of collectives and individuals as well as increase well being.”

O in motion is asked to reinforce team building, dynamism, collective intelligence, creativity or strategy. I think we can say they invented a job.

Picture by Woodleywonderworks - https://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/

Picture by Woodleywonderworks – https://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/


Multifaceted founders

Born in the 70s in the south of France, Ucka Ludovic Ilolo first studied graphic arts before becoming a dancer and assistant choreographer (to Blanca Li among many others). In 2004, Dance Magazine described him as one of “France’s most remarkable artists…” He also has worked in theater and worked with stage directors Vincent Colin and Philippe Adrien. Definitely an artist he mixes styles and techniques as he says himself:

“My grandmother was a traditional dancer, my father dances and paints, my mother writes. I don’t see arts separate from one another. I’ve always lived them as a whole. Even if, depending on the situation, it will feel more natural to use one technique or one language more than another. Separate elements are less interesting to me than what happens between them.

As a dancer, musician, illustrator or poet, it is obvious to me that different arts have a common essence and I’m on a quest to find where it is. “


About 10 years ago, Ucka founded his own dance company Les gens de… (that can be roughly translated as “people from…”) for which he is artistic director, choreographer and dancer. Other dancers include Anna Ivacheff with which he cofounded O in Motion. Born in the 80s she also is a great dancer, though her style leans more toward hip hop having mainly worked with Käfig dance company. But just like Ucka she isn’t only a dancer. She also calls herself a Movement Designer, coaching horseriders to rethink the way they move and their posture.

I told you: multi-faceted!


Mixing genres and getting out of the box

Les gens de… mixes artistic techniques and cultures and wants to offer structures, actions and events that participate in creating an environment in which relationships are based on collaboration, creativity and empowerment. It probably is because of this that O in motion was created. Through Les gens de…, Ucka Ludovic Ilolo has done stage research about the social and human impact of movement and dance. He then trained in collective intelligence group facilitation. Today O in motion intervenes in corporate companies (Airbus), Business schools (HEC) or for social businesses (Ticket for change, Make Sense).

I’d like to end this post with a beautiful quote from their website that sums up their approach.

We used to dance in Hip-hop and theater-dance company. We used to be called ” Entertainers and stage performers “, but we were too curious, too big Believers in the transformative power of arts, dance and Hip-hop to stay in this box for too long .
So one day, we decided to take our knowledge of movement and go out of the box .


Are you curious too? Does it make you want to create your own job out of the box? Share your thoughts in the comments


Want to know more ? You can check out their website  and if you understand some French, you can also watch Ucka Ludovic Ilolo’s TEDx talk :

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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