It’s time for some fun!

Today is Saturday and I’ve decided it was time to have some fun. Actually this is not exactly how this happened. It is Saturday and I haven’t published anything on the blog yet. I thought long and hard all week about what I wanted to share with you guys, and inspiration never really came. And this morning I

O in motion

When I discovered Ticket for Change (I told you about this project here) I also discovered O in Motion. This project is as multi-faceted as their founders, Ucka Ludovic Ulolo and Anna Ivacheff that refer to themselves as business choreographers. So what is a business choreographer I can hear you ask. It’s a collective intelligence and change management facilitator. Via

Contemporary dance + rock concert = Political Mother Choreographer’s cut

For my last birthday my brothers and sisters bought me tickets for a dance show. I was really excited to go since I’ve danced most of my life and hadn’t seen a show for ages. But I definitely was not prepared to see this. Political Mother : choreographer’s cut is not your regular contemporary dance show.