Get creative in finding your calling(s)

Today is one of those days when I think Internet is the greatest thing ever invented. Not only can you find anything you’re looking for, but you can also meet some great people. Derek Walker is one of them. I met him on Twitter after launching this blog. He has a weekly podcast called the Weekly

Interview with The Weekly Creative’s Derek Walker

When I first created this blog, I started sharing stories about projects and people with a multi-faceted life. And this led me to meet really interesting people who also lead a multi-faceted life and I thought it would be great to share their stories with you. You might remember a few weeks back, when I told


Honestly, I never considered myself a creative person. I’m not like some of my friends or family members who can come up with thousands of ideas by the minute. But this has changed… really recently. The shift actually happened a few days ago when Derek Walker, host of the great and inspiring podcast The Weekly Creative, reached out to me