Taming the dog: calming your inner critic

I told you the other day about the power other people can have over us and how important it can be to shut out the noise and listen to your own voice. I also told you about the importance of building a support system, surrounding yourself with the right people to help you go after what you want,

Challenge over. And now what?

This blog post has been written during the #YourTurnChallenge Day#7   So today is sunday, the week is over and so is the Your Turn Challenge. I’m really glad I accepted the challenge. First, because it made me realise I had something to say. As a brand new blogger, it has been difficult for me to share

Are you stuck? Ever considered slashing?

This blog post was written during the #YourTurnChallenge Day#5   If you  have too many interests to choose only one (high probability here, if not you wouldn’t  be reading this blog!), you might feel stuck in your current job. So I have one solution for you. Slasher / Slashie / Portfolio career / multiple careers, all

Find creative ways to change something

This blog post was written during the #YourTurnChallenge Day#4   Our talents are often difficult to spot on our own. Why? Because it comes so easily to us that we think it does for everyone else too. We all have talents. It might be having good memory, making people laugh or having good navigation skills.

When was the last time you felt alive?

This blog post was written during the #YourTurnChallenge Day#3   When we are kids, we are able to be ourselves and feel alive most of the time. We know what we like and dislike, what we want and don’t want and we can be very vocal about it: throwing tantrums to have it right here

Be yourself, change and keep moving

This blog post was written during the #YourTurnChallenge Day#2   I actually started this blog because I wanted to do something new, to challenge myself. At first, I wanted to create a blog about leading a multi-faceted life because it’s been a dream of mine for a long time to help people figure out what