We’ve read it many times, Gen Y is the generation that wants more than a work. As a result a lot of them are interested in social entrepreneurship. What are we talking about? Social entrepreneurs combine profit and social or environmental impact. The problem is that beyond the fact they want to change the world, most don’t know how to do it. Ticket for Change mission is to change this by adapting an indian concept in France : Jagriti Yatra.

From India to France

Lucky enough to participate to Jagriti Yatra in 2012, Matthieu Dardaillon, business school graduate, decided to import the concept in France.

Jagriti Yatra was created in 1997 and takes 500 young people on a 2 week trip through India to meet inspiring social entrepreneurs, help them understand today’s India and start building tomorrow’s by inviting and accompanying them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ticket for Change organized their first tour of France by bus last summer: 12 days, 50 persons aged 18 to 30 from all walks of life to meet 40 social entrepreneurs. To go from dreaming to acting, the pedagogy has been designed by 3 coaches. By being on the tour, they don’t only think about becoming social entrepreneurs, they actually take the first steps in the right direction. Some really great projects are being launched by members of the first promotion.

Next summer, Ticket for Change will organize a new Tour. Open once again to 50 young people, it will also welcome 10 employees that want to start a project with the help of their company (what we call intrapreneurship). And this year, because everybody can be an social entrepreneur, Ticket for Change has launched a MOOC in partnership with France’s most famous business school HEC Paris. Hosted on Coursera (in French), the course started on February 24, but it is still possible to enroll if you understand the language and are interested.

You can check out their website (being revamped the day I’m publishing) : http://www.ticketforchange.org/

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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