This blog post was written during the #YourTurnChallenge Day#3


When we are kids, we are able to be ourselves and feel alive most of the time. We know what we like and dislike, what we want and don’t want and we can be very vocal about it: throwing tantrums to have it right here and now.

Then we grow up. Which simply means we learn to behave and do what our parents, school and society think is an acceptable and too often normative behavior. We study, we get a job, get married (if we have found the right person), have kids, retire and die. I’ll admit this is a bit grim and caricatural but let’s admit it, it’s what has been sold to us as the norm, the acceptable way to live.


But isn’t there more to life than this? Don’t you want to feel alive as much as possible, not only during holidays, weekends or in the few hours you have in the evening between putting the kids to bed (if you have any) and going to bed yourself? Don’t you want your job(s) to help you feel alive? To play to your strengths and make you grow instead of making you feel like you’re wasting your time and energy to earn a living?

Because I wanted to feel alive more often I left my regular job that wasn’t in alignment with my values anymore. I built myself a life that makes me feel alive so often I’m still wondering why I didn’t do it earlier (I know why, I was scared). I’m not trying to sell you self employment as the ideal solution for leading a meaningful life. I’m trying to tell you there is much more you can do to make yourself feel more alive. Of course you can quit your job, change job, add a job to your portfolio career or ditch one. But you can also start a side project and be more proactive in your actual job to make it suit you better. Maybe you can start getting involved in other projects. Maybe your company offers possibillities to get involved in your community during work hours. Maybe you can team up with a colleague to work an a project your talents can complement each other. Maybe…

Share in the comments below what you can or are doing to feel more alive at your job(s).


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